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My name is Wojciech Kościelniak. I was born in 1980 in Pabianice, Poland. I studied at The Technical University of Łódź, The Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. After five years I recieved a diploma, in 2004.
My interest in photography arose with my parents' film SLR cameras. Since long time I photograph mainly landscapes during climbs in Tatra Mountains and bike races but I like also photograph cityscapes and a nature outside a city.
I use the following equipment:
- Canon film SLR camera;
- Canon fixed focal length lenses: 24mm and 50mm;
- Tamron zoom lens 28-105mm;
- filters: polarizer, skylight and gradual grey;
- Fujichrome color reversal films: Velvia and Provia;
- a slight tripod;
- Nikon film scanner.
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